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One of the most fundamental reference for all Irish dialects.

Wagner, Heinrich: Linguistic Atlas and Survey of Irish Dialects I (1958) p. xiv; (1981) p. xix.


Sgéalta ó Thír Eoghain, curtha in eagar ag Seán Mac Airt.

I believe this have been translated by Art Hughes (reference pending).

Leagan Béarla :
Airt, Seán Mac: "Tyrone folk tales", Béaloideas 19 (1949) 29-72 (in English).

An important reference

A wee hint on Tyrone Irish

Leid Beag # 1, 'a wee hint'. The fundamental aspect of Irish as spoken in Tyrone, is that is is a 'cha' /xa/ dialect.

For example, 'ní raibh mé' (I was not) was 'cha rabh mé' in Tyrone.

Gaelic dialects can be spilt into the language of 'cha' and the language of 'ní' as illustrated in the map opposite. East Ulster, Scotland and Mann use 'cha', most of Ireland uses 'ní'. To find out more about how to use 'cha' click here.

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Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh

Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh, cuid 1.

Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh (stories from Munterloney) is now well out of copyright but unfortunately no new version appears in site.

The original can be read by following the link about.

Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh, edited by Ó Tuatháil is the most important collection of Tyrone folklore in any language and one of the most important in Gaelic folklore.

More information forthcoming.

Leagain Béarla de cheithre chinn de na scéalta :

Hughes, A.J.: "Four Tyrone folktales", Ulster Folklife 33 (1987) 32-43.

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A key reference for Tyrone Irish

The following, which is not freely available is the single most important reference for the study of Tyrone Irish.

Stockman, G. and Wagner, H. (1965) Contributions to a study of Tyrone Irish: some aspects of the vocabulary, grammar and phonology of Tyrone Irish, with texts, in Sommerfelt, A. (Ed) Lochlann: A Review of Celtic Studies, 3, pp 43-236, a monograph reprinted from Norsk Tidsskrift for Sprogvidenskap, Suppl. Bind V111.

Records of Tyrone Irish

Dogen Records from Tyrone.

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Fáilte go Gaeltacht Thír Eoghain.

Welcome to the Tyrone Gaeltacht*.

Tá an suíomh seo a thógáil.

This site is just beginning.

* 'realm of the gael,' 'Irishy,' 'Gaelic speaking area.'