Dé Máirt 24 Lúnasa 2010

Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh

Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh, cuid 1.

Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh (stories from Munterloney) is now well out of copyright but unfortunately no new version appears in site.

The original can be read by following the link about.

Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh, edited by Ó Tuatháil is the most important collection of Tyrone folklore in any language and one of the most important in Gaelic folklore.

More information forthcoming.

Leagain Béarla de cheithre chinn de na scéalta :

Hughes, A.J.: "Four Tyrone folktales", Ulster Folklife 33 (1987) 32-43.

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